About Us

Our Mission

Keye is a fashionable clothing line based out of Flint, Michigan that sees beyond the fit. We strive to provide stellar customer service and an amazing product, but to us, it's more than that. Keye was created to combat sexual abuse and human trafficking, eliminating it from the map and putting Flint back on it.

How You Are Helping

A portion of every sale goes to the Voices of Consent non-profit organization. Voices of Consent's goal is to bring awareness to sexual assault, transform society’s response to victims, define what consent is, and provide healing to victims. For more information visit voicesofconsent.org. 

"We are known for our survivor boxes across 25 different states. A survivor box is a care package that is sent to the victim's home completely free of charge to them. This care package provides the victim with the tools and resources needed to start the healing journey." 

ParFaitInk and Embellishments

We are proud to say we print all of our shirts in Flint, Michigan. Located inside the Dort Mall on Dort Highway, ParFaitInk is a new company taking the industry by storm. Thanks to the help of our affiliates at ParFaitink, we are able to keep business local, where it belongs. 

Parker Nevicato

Parker Nevicato, the founder of the brand has always had a passion for the city of Flint and believes the potential for the city has no limits. Inspired by the issues faced every day in the area, he set out to create a brand that was not only cool to wear, but had real meaning. He has no doubt shedding light on the topic of sexual abuse and human trafficking through Keye will allow others to come out of the darkness.